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Aromatherapy Massage


Aromatherapy is the use of volatile plant oils in massage, baths or inhalation for physical and psychological wellbeing. Essential oils are generally distilled from the leaves, stems, bark, roots, flowers or other elements of a plant. They are highly concentrated and only a few drops are used at a time, mixed in a base oil. 

The massage therapist may suggest an oil blend for you to use between treatments for maximum effect.

Essential oils have a wide range of therapeutic benefits. Below are a few examples:

  • ANTI-ARTHRITIC (good for arthritis) - black pepper, ginger, lavender

  • ANTISPASMODIC oils are good for alleviating spasms and cramps - clary sage, roman chamomile

  • ANTIDEPRESSANT - lemon, bergamot, rose, jasmine

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